2048 Game

Tips and Tricks to Play 2048 Puzzle

Do it Slow:

2048 is a simple game and very easy to play. There are many games on the internet which you can play without paying attention to them. This is a bad idea. Pay attention while playing and plan your moves. Sometimes, this game looked like chess. You need to take care before you move the blocks.

Corners for the Work:

If you want to win the game, make a strategy to play it first. Because if you will not make a strategy to play the game you will probably lose it before reaching 512. So, the strategy can play an important role. For example, you should keep your highest value tile at any of the corners. Yes, you can choose any corner and after doing that you can direct all the tiles to that corner. It's not as simple as reading this but you can master it by practising this game. If you want to stop the highest value tile to leave "place of the king", try to collect the tiles around it. It's better if they are also biggest tiles. You can reach 1024 or even you can reach the final number to win 2048 game!


How to get the highest valued tile in the right bottom corner without moving it?

Once you manage to bring your highest valued tile in the right bottom corner, you shouldn't move it. You can do it by pushing the down arrow and always keep filled the last row. By doing this use of Right and Left arrow couldn't move the highest valued tile. In fact, this is a very important hack for 2048 game. Don't move the highest tile when it is in the right bottom corner. This game is for deep satisfaction and got great features. The most interesting thing about this game is that you don't need any special skills.


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